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CBD For Cats: 6 Advantages And Dosage 

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a natural cannabinoid present in cannabis plants. It is obtained from cannabis and hemp plants; however, it is not intoxicating. 

Several CBD product distributors offer vet CBD for cats, meaning top veterinarians approve the products to ensure safety and effectiveness. You can administer a full-spectrum CBD to your cat, as cannabidiol will boost brain function, enhance gastrointestinal health, improve emotional balance, and improve joint mobility.

What Are The Primary Advantages Of CBD For Cats 

When CBD interacts with the natural endocannabinoid system of your cat, it leads to the following advantages.  

  • Give Pain Relief 

CBD oil can help relieve aches and pains for your cat. It has the power to reduce inflammation, which also reduces chronic pain. Researchers discovered that CBD oil is very effective at lessening pain as it targets and inhibits the activity of a receptor known as the “vanilloid receptor.” Cannabidiol can also treat heavy distress and pain in cats that suffer from joint issues, cancer, etc. 

  • Treats Seizures 

The divergent brain neuronal firing is what causes seizures in felines. According to research, cats who receive regular CBD treatment experience significantly fewer epileptic episodes. As a result, CBD works well as a medicinal anticonvulsant in kitties. To obtain the best results, it is best to consistently administer cannabidiol twice daily to promote your cat’s health from seizures.

  • Relieve Stress And Anxiety 

According to studies, vet CBD for cats can lessen stress and anxiety symptoms. It is possible because CBD interacts with the brain and central nervous system receptors that control hormones and signals linked to anxiety and fear reactions. CBD also offers instant relief for cats with short-term anxieties like vet-visit anxiety, separation anxiety, grooming visit anxiety, and others. 

  • Reduces Nausea And Enhances Appetite 

Cats who experience nausea have been reported to benefit from CBD oil. By enhancing the taste and smell sensitivity of food in felines, CBD can boost appetite so you can feed your pet easily and quickly.

  • Improve Sleep 

CBD oil may assist if your feline cannot sleep because of an illness, discomfort, or pressure. CBD controls serotonin, calms the body, and supports general immunological health. As a result, it will undoubtedly aid your cat’s ability to sleep well during the night. 

  • Maintaining Peace 

It is common to see conflicts between new cats and existing ones in your home, but CBD can ease the early transition. Administering CBD can help keep the resident cat and the new cat calm. 

What Is The Proper Dosage?

The dosage of CBD will change depending on the feline’s age, weight, health status, and nutrition. The veterinarian will suggest the required CBD dosage if your cat has any specific disease. For cats, the standard dosage ranges from 1 mg to 5 mg for 10 pounds of body weight.

For cats suffering from arthritis or asthma, it is better to administer 0.5 mg twice every day. In the start, give 0.1 mg two times a day and slowly increase it to 0.5 mg. For cats with a severe upper respiratory infection, administer 5 mg two times daily. Provide 0.2 mg every day twice for cats suffering from inflammatory bowel disease. 

It is critical to confirm the CBD content in the product. Since various CBD products have varying potencies, different doses are advised. Even better, split the dose in half and give your cat the full-spectrum hemp oil two times a day to observe how your cat responds to it.

Bottom Line 

CBD helps with pain relief, stress reduction, and inflammation reduction. It is best to administer CBD if your cat has inflammation, osteoarthritis, or other joint or bone conditions. Find out from your vet what dosage to start with and whether to increase it for your feline.


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