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How to Create an Assignment & Start a Live Game


Indeed an educational technology platform that provides a digital quiz game for educational purposes. It’s designed to make learning fun and engaging, particularly for students. The platform offers various game formats and tools that allow educators to create and customize quizzes for their students. Students can participate in these quizzes individually or in groups, earning points and rewards as they answer questions correctly.

Start a Live Game

The platform was created by a high school student for his senior project, and it has since gained popularity in educational settings due to its interactive and gamified approach to learning. Gimkit is designed to help students learn and retain information in a fun and engaging way. The platform continues to evolve, with new features and games being added to enhance the learning experience.

Teachers can use Gimkit to create quizzes and assign them to their students, and the students can access these quizzes through the Gimkit app. The app offers a competitive element, which can motivate students to actively participate and learn while having fun. This approach has made Gimkit a valuable tool for many educators and students.

How is Use This Game?

particularly its features for creating interactive quizzes and games. Live appears to be a feature within the platform that allows educators to construct quizzes with multiple-choice questions tailored to the topics they are currently teaching. This feature enables teachers to use the game as a teaching tool in the classroom or assign it as homework for students, making it suitable for both in-class and remote learning scenarios.

interactive and gamified approach to learning can help engage students and make the learning process more enjoyable and effective. It’s a valuable resource for educators looking to create interactive learning experiences for their students.

Features of Assignment Game:

The Gimkit code indeed incorporates a reward structure, making it a more engaging and motivating learning tool. Students can earn virtual money within the game by answering questions correctly, and they can use this virtual currency to purchase various power-ups.

These power-ups enhance the gameplay experience and can include options like:

Increased Points: Power-ups that allow players to earn more points for correctly answering questions.

Streak Bonuses: Power-ups that increase the points gained when a player is on a “streak” of correct answers.

Insurance: The ability to purchase insurance to protect against the possibility of answering a question incorrectly.

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