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What Are the Main Attributes of a Good Casino Dealer?

One of the main attributes of good casino dealers is great people skills. They not only have to follow strict rules on how to deal games but they must also entertain and engage the guests. Table games are all about human interaction and the experience at the table. 

An ability to adapt

The dealer is an essential part of every game guests choose to play. Some guests prefer quiet conversation while others will want a loud, celebratory atmosphere with plenty of laughter. The dealer has to identify and provide what guests want. It’s essential for them to be able to adapt to different expectations.

People who play live dealer games enjoy the experience of interacting with a human dealer. It brings a social element to online gambling and gives the feeling of being in a land-based casino.

Great people skills

There is no typical type of day for a dealer. Once their shift begins, they may have to deal with very different groups of people. They need to be personable and engaging to make sure players of all types enjoy the game. The advantage of this is that they can get to know people from all walks of life. They will learn players’ names, ask where they’re from, have conversations and answer questions of all kinds. A guest may want to know about crypto payments in casinos or about the rules of a game.


Dealers are there to act as a guide and to show new guests the game. Patrons can observe a game in play and ask the dealer questions. When they are ready to play, they will have the information they need to have a great time. When new players are at the table, the dealer must give help when it’s needed without interrupting the flow of the game. The dealer is there to facilitate the action but not to be part of it. 


The dealer needs to be able to read the action at the table and announce it clearly without any hesitation. This takes confidence which comes with practice as dealers work to build a career. It’s their job to keep everyone at the table focused and informed. They must have control over the game and keep it moving along without rushing the players. Dealers must know the rules or they can ruin the integrity of a game. They must also be able to apply them with confidence, which is something they learn through experience.

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